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Safe box won't unlock?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

When a safe box won’t unlock, don't be panic. TSY Lock Enterprise has been consistently receiving calls & WhatsApp saying, "My safe won't open", "I keyed in the right password but it couldn't be opened", "I lost my safe box key", "I've forgotten the password, please help?" and so on. We will be here to guide you through the process.

Here are the common reasons why your safe won’t open, and what steps you should try & check before calling us, the technician.

  1. Low batteries or dead batteries Try replacing a new set of Alkaline battery to see if its can function. Brands of batteries do ONLY take Energizer, Panasonic & GP though is slightly more expensive but trust me, it will worth it. Definitely never consider rechargeable battery and heavy-duty type battery as it is strictly not allowed. It is significant to test out this step even if your keypad beeps and lights up as normal. However, there may be ample power in the batteries to operate the digital keypad or thumbprint digital keypad, but may not ample to completely activate the motherboard.

  2. Deactivated Code Another possible reason your safe won’t open is your code has been changed. Get someone else to try their code to see if theirs works? Perhaps it's just another forgetful day.

  3. Keys Some safe box comes with keys, at least 2 keys so check out your drawer, or anywhere you could think of to look for it. Did you found it? Try to unlock it with the key and if it can't then it could be the wrong key, or the keyhole is jammed or spoilt.

If you've tried all the above steps and your safe still won’t open, it’s time to call a technician. We’re happy to help!

What to provide to the technician aka US?

  1. Actual image of the safe box; full image of the safe box, motherboard/panel image close shot, keyhole image close shot & key image if any.

  2. Remove the battery casing to inspect whether there's any battery leakage that battery acid leaking.

  3. Identify the problem of the safe box; forgotten password, missing keys, unable to unlock with password or keys

  4. Location (Area is fine)

With all this information, we will quote you the price and if you're agreeable, a quotation or invoice will be issued for payment. That's it! Easy-Peasy!

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