Dorma Universal Light patch fittings are a high-quality and versatile choice for glass door assemblies. They are designed to meet industry standards, are compatible with a range of glass door sizes and thicknesses, and offer a modern and integrated look for architectural applications. The use of stainless steel ensures durability and an attractive appearance.

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Modular System:The fittings are designed based on a modular system, which includes a base unit, functional inserts, and clip-on covers. This modular design allows for flexibility in installation and customization according to the specific requirements of the glass door assembly.

Maximum Weight and Width:These fittings are suitable for glass doors with a maximum weight of 85kg (approximately 187 pounds) and a maximum width of 1100mm (approximately 43 inches). This indicates that they are suitable for a range of door sizes and weights.

Stainless Steel Covers:The patch fittings come with polished stainless steel covers. Stainless steel is chosen for its aesthetic appeal, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion. The polished finish gives a sleek and modern look to the glass doors.

Glass Thickness:These fittings are designed for use with toughened glass doors that are either 10mm or 12mm thick. This provides flexibility in choosing the glass thickness based on design and safety requirements.

Accessories:DORMA offers additional accessories and locks in a matching design to complement the patch fittings. This allows for a coordinated and contemporary appearance for glass doors when all components are from the same manufacturer.