Commercial Carrier Series C6+

Carrier for Commercial Fire Resistant Safety Box offers a fire-resistant duration of 2 hours, a high-security fingerprint lock, a passcode system, and dual verification for enhanced security. It has a layered door and body for increased burglary and fire resistance. The safety box is also equipped with dead relockers, multiple bolts for added security, and a one-piece steel plate folding design to eliminate weak points.



  • Fire Resistant: The safety box is fire-resistant for up to 2 hours. It is designed to withstand fire for a longer duration, providing extended protection to its contents during a fire.
  • High-security fingerprint lock: The safety box is equipped with a high-security fingerprint lock system, allowing for secure and convenient access. It can store up to 50 users’ fingerprints.
  • High-security passcode system: The safety box features a high-security passcode system, providing an alternative method for accessing the box. Users can set a secure passcode for entry.
  • Dual verification: Dual verification allows users to use both fingerprint and passcode authentication methods for added security. This provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  • Emergency override key: The safety box comes with an emergency override key, which can be used to open the box in case of any issues with the electronic locking system.
  • Protection door layer: The safety box has a layer of 75mm thickness on the door, enhancing its resistance to burglary attempts. The body of the box has a thickness of 90mm with a mixture of burglary-resistant and fire-resistant materials, providing extreme protection and security against prying, cutting, and fire.
  • Dead relockers: The door is enhanced with two dead relockers, providing additional security. These relockers help prevent unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of the door.
  • Top, bottom, and side bolts: The Carrier safety box is protected by top, bottom, and side bolts, enhancing its resistance against forced entry. The hinge side of the box is also safeguarded, further fortifying its security.
  • One-piece steel plate folding: The safety box is made with a one-piece steel plate folding design, eliminating weak points that could be vulnerable to break-ins. This design enhances the overall strength and security of the box.


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