Diplomat Safe – Bz Series – Phantom Grey



Double-layer steel plate: 2-way solid locking bolts prevent the door from being pried open when fortified hinges are forcefully cut.

Big capacity: Utilize the spacious interior of the safety box to store valuable items, documents, and high-capacity assets securely.

Fingerprint and Password: Register up to 2 different passwords between 4 – 16 digits and up to a maximum of 32 fingerprints.

Built-in Alarm: Built-in Alarm can be enabled or disabled to sound when the safe is vibrated or tilted at more than 45 degrees.

Anti-theft structure: With advanced locking mechanisms, reinforced materials, and tamper-resistant features, it safeguards valuables effectively. This design deters unauthorized access and protects contents from theft.

1 Hour Fire Resistance at 1010°C: Fire tested and certified in compliance with NT Fire 017 for fire resistance at 1010 Degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

LED Screen: The LED screen is a discreet input interface, allowing users to enter their password easily.

Knob Lock: This mechanism ensures that only authorized individuals can open the box by turning the knob, enhancing the overall security of valuable belongings or sensitive items stored inside.

External Battery Replacement: 4AA Batteries are changed from the outside, which offers convenience in case the battery is weak.

Dual Authentication: Dual authentication mode can be enabled to use two different codes (or code + fingerprint) held by two users to open the safe.