DuoGuard Grade 1 Series M3

A robust but lightweight safe to keep your theft-prone valuables and documents secure in your office or retail environment. The Chubbsafes DuoGuard is certified by ECB•S in accordance with the stringent European standard, EN 1143-1 T2 in Grade I and II for burglary protection and for fire protection of paper documents.

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Burglary Protection:

The DUOGUARD is certified by ECB•S for Grade I burglary protection in accordance with EN 1143-1. It is designed to resist unauthorized access and safeguard your valuable belongings.

Fire Protection:

This safe is approved by ECB•S in accordance with EN 1047-1, offering one hour of fire protection for paper documents. It has been tested and certified to ensure the safety of your important records in the event of a fire.

Torch-Resistant Barrier Material:

The DUOGUARD incorporates Dualite, a torch-resistant barrier material. This material provides both burglary and fire protection while reducing the overall weight of the safe. It not only enhances security but also minimizes transportation and installation costs.

Convenient Features:

The safe features an ergonomic soft-touch handle for easy operation. It also offers a range of internal fittings to maximize storage capacity, allowing you to organize your valuables efficiently.

Solid Boltwork and Locking Options:

The three-way boltwork of the DUOGUARD is constructed with solid steel bolts, adding an extra layer of security. You can choose between a Class A mechanical key lock or a Class B high-security electronic lock, both approved in accordance with EN 1300, as primary lock options.

Additional Security Features:

To further enhance security, the safe is equipped with an active relocker and anti-drilling plates incorporated into the boltwork. These features help withstand burglary attempts and provide peace of mind.

Data Media Protection:

The DUOGUARD includes a certified data media insert, offering one hour of fire protection for 60 diskettes. This ensures the safety of your electronic media in case of a fire.

The DUOGUARD combines robust burglary protection, fire resistance, and convenient features to provide optimal security for your valuable possessions and important documents.


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