Home Safe Series S3+

Aegeus S3+ Safety Box offers multiple layers of security with its solid hardened steel bolts, concrete and steel body, thick door with a concrete panel, and drill-resistant detectors. It also features a high-security fingerprint lock, passcode system, dual verification option, and an emergency override key for added convenience and peace of mind.

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Solid hardened steel round bolt
: The safety box is protected by 5 to 7 side-moving solid hardened steel round bolts, each measuring 30mm in length and having a diameter of 25mm. These bolts secure the box’s sides, top, and bottom, with a docking bolt securing the back edge of the door.

Concrete and steel body: The body of the safety box is made of concrete with a thickness of 75mm, providing resistance against oxidation and drill force attempts. The steel surface further reinforces the box’s strength. The one-piece steel plate folding design ensures no weak points are vulnerable to break-ins.

Thick door with solid concrete panel: The overall door thickness is 115mm, with an effective thickness of 30mm. The door is filled with a solid concrete panel and a specially formulated steel fiber barrier material called AEGEUS COM-:VflX II, increasing the overall strength of the door.

Protection against point-attack: Vital parts of the boltwork are given additional protection against point-attack through the use of drill-resistant detectors. This provides an extra layer of security against drilling attempts.

Polyurethane base paint finish: The body and door of the safety box are coated with a polyurethane base paint finish. This paint is scratch-resistant and durable, ensuring the longevity of the box’s appearance.

Fire Resistant: The safety box is fire-resistant for up to 1 hour, certified by SIRIM. This means it can withstand fire for one hour, protecting its contents during a fire.

High-security fingerprint lock: The safety box has a high-security fingerprint lock system, allowing for secure and convenient access. It can store up to 50 users’ fingerprints.

High-security passcode system: The safety box features a high-security passcode system, providing an alternative method for accessing the box. Users can set a secure passcode for entry.

Dual verification: Dual verification allows users to use both the fingerprint and passcode authentication methods for added security. This provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Emergency override key: The safety box is equipped with an emergency override key, providing a backup method for accessing the box in case of any issues with the electronic locking system.


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