Kaadas Push Pull Series – K8

Experience the pinnacle of security and convenience with the Kaadas Push Pull Series. From fingerprint access and access cards to temporary passcodes and dual verification security, our system ensures controlled entry. Rest easy with the built-in anti-pry alarm and automatic lock sensor.

Founded in Velbert, Germany, Kaadas has been supplying top-quality digital door locks for more than 30 years. With over 6 million homes in 67 countries protected by Kaadas locks, the company is known for delivering cutting-edge technology of the highest quality standards.

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Introducing the innovative Kaadas Push Pull Series, a cutting-edge access control system that prioritizes security and convenience:
100 Fingerprint Access:Register up to 100 unique fingerprints for secure and effortless access.

2 Access Cards:Assign access cards to authorized individuals for seamless access control.

Temporary / One-time Visitor Passcode:Generate temporary passcodes for visitors, ensuring controlled and limited access.

Anti-Pry Alarm:Receive instant alerts in the event of unauthorized tampering attempts.

Mechanical Key:Use a mechanical key as an emergency backup for unlocking.

Built-in Anti-Pry Alarm:Enjoy the added security feature of a built-in anti-pry alarm system.

Auto Lock Sensor:Benefit from the convenience of an automatic lock sensor for effortless locking.

Double Lock ModeActivate double lock mode for enhanced security when needed.

Dual Verification Security SystemImplement a dual verification security system for an additional layer of protection.


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