Introducing the Lenovo X3, a revolutionary smart access control system that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Elevate your security experience with a range of innovative functionalities designed to meet your unique needs.

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Lenovo X3 is not just an access control system; it’s a statement of Lenovo’s commitment to innovation, security, and user-friendly design. Experience the future of access control with the Lenovo X3.

Key Features:
Periodic Passcode:Enhance security with the Periodic Passcode feature. This dynamic system generates changing passcodes at set intervals, adding an extra layer of complexity to your access control.

Virtual Passcode:Experience secure and convenient access with the Virtual Passcode feature. Eliminate the need for physical tokens as you navigate the digital world with ease.

Double Verification:Elevate your security with Double Verification. Combine two authentication methods, such as a fingerprint scan and passcode, for a robust and reliable access control mechanism.

Emergency Key:In unforeseen circumstances, the Emergency Key provides a fail-safe option for manual unlocking. The Lenovo X3 ensures you have a secure contingency plan for any situation.

PU Remote Key Card:Enjoy keyless entry with the CPU Remote Key Card. This compact and secure card allows quick and reliable access, providing a touch of convenience to your daily routine.

Temporary Passcode Fingerprint:Grant secure access with the combination of a Temporary Passcode and Fingerprint recognition. Manage access for guests or service providers seamlessly, ensuring controlled entry.

TUYA Mobile App:User management, real-time door status checks, access tracking, and low battery alerts. It provides easy adjustments to passcodes and settings, ensuring a user-friendly and seamless access experience.

Anti Black Box TechnologyStay one step ahead of potential threats with the Anti Black Box technology, ensuring your smart lock remains resilient against sophisticated hacking attempts.

Automatic Lock:Experience peace of mind with the automatic lock feature. The Lenovo A1 intelligently locks itself after a specified period, eliminating the need to manually engage the lock.

Remote Alarm:Stay connected to your home security even when you’re away. The remote alarm feature sends instant alerts to your mobile device in case of unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

Self-Locking Error Correction:The self-locking error correction feature ensures that your door locks securely, even if it is not closed properly. This intelligent correction mechanism enhances the overall reliability of the smart lock.

Cat Eye Anti-Theft:Enhance your home security with the Cat Eye Anti-Theft feature, providing visual verification of visitors at your door. Enjoy peace of mind knowing who is outside before granting access.

Anti-Hostage System:Prioritize safety with the Anti-Hostage system, designed to prevent forced entry or hostage situations. This feature adds an extra layer of security during unexpected events.

Anti-Child Misuse:Ensure the safety of your little ones with the Anti-Child Misuse feature. The smart lock is designed to resist tampering attempts by curious children.

Anti-Tailing Detection:Stay vigilant with anti-tailing detection. The Lenovo A1 is equipped to detect and alert you to the presence of anyone attempting to follow closely behind for unauthorized entry.

Tamper Sensor:The tamper sensor triggers an alarm in case of any tampering attempts, deterring intruders and providing an additional layer of protection.