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Invest in the NAOMI Burglary & Fire-Resistant Safe to protect your limited cash and valuables. With its secure door bolting, electronic lock, fire resistance, and additional security features, it offers reliable and convenient protection in domestic or small office environments.

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Limited Cash and Valuables Protection:

The NAOMI safe is specifically designed to safeguard a limited amount of cash and valuables, making it suitable for use in homes and small offices.

Secure Door Bolting:

The safe’s door is secured by three moving front bolts and two fixed bolts at the back edge, each with a diameter of 19mm. This robust bolting system enhances the security of the safe.

Secured Touch Screen Electronic Lock:

Fitted with a secured touch screen electronic lock, providing convenient access control while ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Built-in Alarm:

The NAOMI safe features a built-in alarm that is activated in the event of any movement or tilting of the safe, providing an additional layer of security.

Lockout Feature:

The safe includes a lockout feature that triggers quick beeps for approximately three minutes after five unauthorized attempts to open the safe, further enhancing security against unauthorized access.

One-Hour Fire Resistance:

Certified by an International Testing Laboratory in accordance with KS G 4500 Standard, this safe offers one hour of fire resistance to protect your belongings during a fire incident.

Base Bolting Facility:

The safe comes standard with a base bolting facility, allowing for secure floor mounting, further enhancing its resistance against theft.

Battery Operated with Micro USB Port:

The NAOMI safe operates using six “AA” size batteries. In case of low battery, the micro USB 2.0 port can be used to power the lock and ensure access when the door cannot be opened.

Two User Codes with Emergency Override:

This safe is enabled with two user codes, one of which can be used as an emergency override code, providing additional flexibility and convenience in accessing the safe.


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