Night Deposit Fire Safe NS3

 NS3 Night Deposit Fire Safe is designed to securely store cash sales and protect them from fire and burglary. With a thick door, combination lock, cylinder lock, and moving bolts, as well as a sturdy body with built-in dead lockbolts, this safe offers comprehensive security for your valuable assets.


Door Features:

  • The door has a thickness of 50mm, providing substantial strength and durability.
  • It is equipped with 1 combination lock and 1 cylinder lock for secure access to the safe.
  • The door is further secured by moving bolts, including side bolts, top bolts, and bottom bolts. These bolts provide additional protection against burglary attempts and ensure the safety of your belongings inside the safe.
  • The combination lock and cylinder lock work in conjunction with the moving bolts to enhance the overall security of the safe.

Body Features:

  • The body of the safe has a thickness of 75mm, offering robust protection.
  • It incorporates essential features designed to provide maximum security.
  • Built-in dead lockbolts are included, adding an extra layer of security against physical attacks on the safe.
  • The dead lockbolts further reinforce the security of the safe, making it more resistant to unauthorized access.


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