Oppa Digital Safe

The OPAL 4122 Burglary- & Fire-Resistant Safe offers a combination of protection, convenience, and advanced features. Whether for your home or small office, this safe is designed to safeguard your valuables and important documents effectively.



Protection and Convenience:

The OPAL 4122 safe offers reliable protection and convenience, making it suitable for both residential and small office environments.

Electronic Lock with Override Key:

Equipped with an electronic lock for secure access control. It also includes an overriding key to ensure access in case of accidental lockouts.

Base Bolting Facility:

The safe comes standard with a base bolting facility, allowing for secure floor mounting to enhance its resistance against theft.

Clear LED Display Screen and Keypad:

The safe features a clear LED display screen and large keypad buttons, providing ease of use and intuitive operation.

Plastic Tray and Adjustable Shelf:

Each OPAL 4122 safe comes standard with one plastic tray and one adjustable shelf, offering flexibility in organizing and storing your valuables.

One-Hour Fire Protection:

Certified by SP NT Fire 017 – 60 Paper, this safe provides one hour of fire protection for your important documents.

Battery Operated:

The safe operates using four units of “AA” size batteries, ensuring reliable functionality.

Battery Level Indicator:

The LED display screen includes a battery level indicator, displaying the “L_batt” message when the battery needs to be replaced.

Lockout Feature:

The safe includes a lockout feature that activates quick beeps for approximately three minutes after five unauthorized attempts to open the safe, enhancing security against unauthorized access attempts.


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