Philips Lever Handle Series – 515K

Experience the ultimate in access control with Philips Lever Handle Series, combining advanced technologies to provide maximum security and convenience. Gain control over access, ensure visitor management, and stay informed with entrance records and push notifications. Trust our solution to meet your security needs effectively.

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Introducing Philips Lever Handle Series that offers a wide range of features to enhance security and convenience:

  • 20 Fingerprint Access: Register up to 20 unique fingerprints for secure and easy access.
  • 2 Access Cards: Assign access cards to authorized individuals for seamless entry.
  • Temporary / One-time Visitor Passcode: Generate temporary passcodes for visitors, ensuring controlled access.
  • Anti-pry Alarm: Get notified instantly of any unauthorized tampering attempts.
  • Mechanical Key: Have peace of mind with a mechanical key for emergency unlocking.
  • Smart Phone Unlock (w/ Bluetooth or Wi-Fi): Effortlessly unlock the door using your smartphone.
  • Double Lock Mode: Activate double lock mode for enhanced security when desired.
  • Entrance Record and Push Notification (Wi-Fi): Keep track of entry records and receive real-time push notifications.


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