Philips Push Pull Series – 702E

Experience the reliability and convenience of the Philips Push Pull Series, where fingerprint access, access cards, and temporary passcodes ensure controlled entry. Stay informed with entrance records and real-time push notifications, while the anti-pry alarm enhances security. Rest assured with the mechanical key for emergency situations. Elevate your access control system with Philips Push Pull Series.

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Introducing the Philips Push Pull Series, a state-of-the-art access control system that combines security and convenience:
20 Fingerprint Access:Register up to 20 unique fingerprints for secure and seamless access.

2 Access Cards:Assign access cards to authorized individuals for easy entry.

Temporary Passcode (Wi-Fi):Generate temporary passcodes for visitors, allowing controlled access.

Anti-Pry Alarm:Receive instant notifications in case of unauthorized tampering attempts.

Mechanical Key:Use a mechanical key for emergency unlocking.

Double Lock Mode:Activate double lock mode for enhanced security when needed.

Entrance Record and Push Notification (Wi-Fi):Keep track of entry records and receive real-time push notifications through Wi-Fi connectivity.


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