Rhino Promax

Introducing Rhino Promax – the ultimate low-budget digital lock that defies expectations. Don’t let the price tag fool you; Rhino Promax is packed with a FULL range of unlock features rivaling even the most high-end models. From Face ID and Palm Print recognition to Fingerprint scanning, access card, and Pincode entry, Rhino Promax ensures that security is never compromised, no matter your budget.

But that’s just the beginning. Rhino Promax goes above and beyond with its innovative features, including a front panel digital cat eye that allows users to check outside the door via phone apps. Plus, with its back panel screen, you can view the outside anytime you need to. But here’s the kicker – Rhino Promax takes security to the next level by capturing short videos and sending alerts to your phone whenever a stranger attempts to unlock the digital lock with a false ID.

Experience the pinnacle of security and affordability with Rhino Promax – where cutting-edge technology meets budget-friendly innovation. Protect your home with confidence, knowing that Rhino Promax has you covered, inside and out.

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