Tesa – Cylinder – Double Cylinder – TK635-3030/3535/4040/4545 – LN/LT


Technical Data

Made in Spain. New model designed to cover two basic necessities in the market. On the one hand has been made with an exclusive and patented combination technology to solve complex master key suites and on the other hand a new security sensor lets the owner control all the keys in one installation.


European standard regulation

In the same way as the main models included in the catalogue, the TK6 is certified according to the European standard regulation.


  • Enhance Saf-link Safety System for higher security protection.
  • High precision cylinder caters for complex master key system.
  • Construction key hole available to override missing keys or when contractor hand over the existing keys to property owner after construction is completed.
  • Various size (60mm, 70mm, 80mm & 90mm) available of Euro Profile Cylinders for different range of doors.



  • Type: Patented sawn key with security sensor.
  • NO. of rows: 1
  • NO. of pins: 6.
  • Technology: DROP ORBITAL (Exclusive TESA rights)
  • Permutation level: Grade 6.
  • Corrosion resistance: Grade B
  • Anti pick cylinder lock (High resistance.)
  • Bump proof system.
  • Drill protection grade 1.
  • 3 patented keys made of nickel silver.
  • Conform to EN-1303 regulation.
  • Lifespan: 100,000 test cycles.
  • Master key systems: Medium capability in combination with DROP ORBITAL platform.



  • Finishes: Brass / Nickel.
  • Cam: DIN R15 and R13
  • Formats available: Key different, mater keyed, key alike and specific codes.
  • Wide measurement and profile range.
  • Colour points to differentiate master key levels.


  • Use TESA lubricant to lengthen the maximum lifespan of the cylinder.
  • TESA recommends to the user of the TK6 to keep the property card in a safe and secure location. Only by presenting this card, can one obtain key and cylinder copies.
  • For safety reasons, when you install a new cylinder, remember that once installed, it should not project more than 1mm.