Digital Home Safe – YSS520

Yale Home Series simplifies your security with a state-of-the-art digital touchpad, boasting 1 billion+ digital combinations for unbeatable protection. Tested to Yale Global Standards, this series exceeds all durability and reliability requirements. The code scramble input function protects your privacy by confusing potential onlookers during entry, while one-time access codes enable temporary access for trusted individuals. The silent input option allows for discreet access, and the 1 to 48 hours total lockdown mode enhances security while you’re away.

With a re-settable 4-12 digital user code, you can customize your security settings as needed. The 9V battery ensures emergency opening during power outages, while the low battery alarm signal keeps you informed and prepared. The time lock against wrong codes deters unauthorized access with a time delay.

Expertly crafted in Korea for quality, this series offers precision engineering and performance you can rely on.


YALE Home Series offers a comprehensive set of features:

State-of-the-Art Digital Touchpad: The advanced digital touchpad offers smooth and easy operation, enhancing user experience.

1 Billion+ Digital Combinations: With an extensive range of possible combinations, your safe remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Tested to Yale Global Standards: Yale Fire Safes undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet Yale’s global standards for durability and reliability.

Code Scramble Input Function: Safeguard your privacy with the code scramble input function, which confuses potential onlookers when entering your code.

One-Time Access Codes: Generate temporary one-time access codes for trusted individuals, providing secure entry without compromising your primary code.

Silent Input Option: For discreet access, activate the silent input option, ensuring your safe remains undetected during entry.

1 to 48 Hours Total Lockdown Mode: While away from home, activate the lockdown mode for added security, denying access to anyone but you.

Re-Settable 4-12 Digital User Code: Customize your security with a re-settable user code, allowing you to change it as needed for added protection.

9V Battery for Emergency Opening: In case of a power outage, the 9V battery allows emergency access, ensuring you always have control over your safe.

Low Battery Alarm Signal: Stay informed with the low battery alarm signal, prompting you to replace the battery before it runs out.

Time Lock When Wrong Code is Inserted: To deter potential intruders, a time lock activates when incorrect codes are entered, delaying any further attempts.

Made in Korea: Yale Fire Safes are crafted with precision and expertise in Korea, ensuring top-quality construction and materials.




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