Yale Luna PRO+

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The Yale Luna Pro – your ultimate solution for enhanced security and convenience. Experience the reliability and advanced functionality of the Yale Push Pull Series, ensuring peace of mind and secure access control.

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The Yale Luna Pro+ offers a range of features for enhanced security and convenience:

3D Face Recognition: Utilize highly secure and contactless entry through sophisticated facial recognition algorithms.

Fingerprint Access and Visitor Passcode: Easily grant access using fingerprints or assigned visitor passcodes.

Access Cards: Utilize access cards for authorized individuals to access the premises.

Anti-Pry Alarm: Get alerted to any unauthorized attempts to tamper with the deadbolt.

Mechanical Key: In case of emergencies, a mechanical key allows manual unlocking.

Smart Phone Unlock: Seamlessly unlock the deadbolt using your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Double Lock Mode: activate the double lock mode for added security.

Entrance Record and Push Notification: Keep track of entrance records and receive push notifications via Wi-Fi.

1 review for Yale Luna PRO+

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