Home Safe KUROI – 225

Experience the ultimate security with BOFON – The Ultimate Fingerprint Safe! Fast & secure fingerprint verification adapts to your changing finger conditions. The digital touchscreen keypad, anti-peek function & built-in alarm ensure added privacy and protection. Stylish, compact design with backup key & battery box. Trust BOFON for unparalleled security and convenience.

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BOFON offers a comprehensive set of features:

Fingerprint Verification

Accessing your valuables has never been easier. BOFON’s fingerprint verification is not only lightning-fast but also highly secure, ensuring that only authorized users can open the safe.

Adaptive Learning Technology

BOFON keeps learning more about your fingerprint, adapting to your changing finger conditions.

 Digital Touchscreen Numeric Keypad

The digital touchscreen numeric keypad lights up, allowing you to operate the safe effortlessly even in darkness.

Anti-Peek Function

BOFON’s anti-peek function ensures that no one can observe your PIN code while entering it on the numeric keypad, offering an extra layer of security against prying eyes.

Built-in Alarm System

BOFON integrated alarm system provides an immediate alert in case of any unauthorized attempts.

BOFON Backup Key & Backup Battery Box

The backup key allows access in emergencies, and the backup battery box ensures that your safe remains functional even during power outages.


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